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Install/Uninstall And Compatible

No.You need to have the device physically in your hand for about 2 minutes. Installation is simple. You simply open up a web page on the mobile and enter your code to download. The install begins automatically and setting the options is simple. You can also change the settings and control some aspects of the device itself, with secret remote SMS commands, or with user control panel website at www.androidlink.net.

Android Spy Software is not a virus and must be deliberately installed onto the Target device directly, with a unique set of steps and configurations. It will not perform any functions that were not configured by human intervention. However, it does not install any visible program menus. You should not let anyone that you do not trust access your device
You can follow instruction step by step in documents in this link: http://spysoftwaremumbai.in/how-to-install.html to download and install Android Spy Software into target phone. Choose the suitable version for the operating system of your target phone.

You have to wait at least 15 minutes to review first recorded data in condition target phone has internet connection always. If target phone only have internet connection some times, you may have to wait longer.

Yes, you can uninstall the software remotely, you can send command direct through the dashboard panel.

Now Android Spy Software compatible with: Android( 2.2/ 2.3/ 3.X / 4.X/5.X and up)

The application Ansroid Spy Software needs to run silently in the background. It’s necessary to root your android so you can run the silent application in the background. There is no cost to root your android and it is completely reversible if the need should ever arise. How to root your android. You can decide on which method you want to use. Again, we DO NOT provide support or instructions on how to root your Device.

You can learn how to uninstall the application in target phone by follow instruction in User guide documents. Go to this link http://spysoftwaremumbai.in/how-to-install.html > choose the suitable version for the operating system of your target phone > download user guide document and review for more detail.

In most cases you will need Internet access on the target device to utilize all functions and keep a reliable reporting schedule, but depending on what you need the software to do and what model Target phone you have, there may be a few other options.

You need internet service to initially download the software directly into the target device itself. Ansroid Spy Software also uses the Internet connection to send all captured data to your included web account for review. This is all the SMS, Call Logs, Photo, keylogger, Notes, Social networking messages, or Location information you are tracking on the target device.

No. When target phone doesnot have internet connection, Android Spy Software still records data but can not send data to server. Android Spy Software will save all recorded data in temporary files on target phone and wait to try to send again when the target phone has internet connection. Therefore, recorded data will not be lost. But you have to wait until target phone has internet connection to review new data.

The target phone doesn’t have to have internet connection 24/24. But at least it should have internet connection sometimes a day so Android Spy Software can send recorded data to server.

No. When target phone receive SMS command, Android Spy Software will hide these SMS immediately.

Login to your account at http://androidlink.net to see all your captured information. From your account you can read the individual events (click on any event to open it), or you can download a spreadsheet with all events.

All SMS sent/received on target will be recorded even if target phone user try to delete it immediately after sending/receiving.

No. If target user touch target phone (unlock screen to use), the Auto Answer call will be stopped immediately. But be careful you should mute your phone.

Please check to make sure target phone can connect internet. Android Spy Software use internet connection to send recorded data to server, so if target phone doesnot have internet connection, there will be no data sent to your account. There are many reasons so you can contact us at info@spysoftwaremumbai.in

If your target device is rooted then you can track deleted messages and can see new Whatsapp message around 15 to 30 minutes depends on what interval you want to see. But if your device is not rooted yet then you can not track deleted messages and you must wait longer than usual to see new messages. Sometimes it takes 1 day to 3 days.

No. Your recorded data will not be lost. All recorded data will be transferred to new account with your device. To transfer your device to new account, just open Android Spy interface on target phone then log in with new account. Your device with all recorded data will be transfered to new account.

After you choose to remove your account, it will be deactivated and will be deleted from our user registration database in 90 days later. So if you remove your account by accident, please contact our support team as soon as possible. We will help you to restored your account include license and data.

No. If your account is expired, features which need fee (SMS, Call…) will stop sending data to server while free features (GPS, Auto Answer) still work normally.

You should check again if the target phone has internet connection. Android Spy Software use internet connection to send recorded data to server. If Android Spy Software can not send data to server due to no internet connection, it will save recorded data to temporary files on target phone and wait to send them again when internet connection is available. Therefore, if your target phone have internet connection only in some periods a day, sometimes you may feel new data updated slowly or lost.

In case you haven't found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.

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